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Fair Tax can preserve the greatest accomplishment of man kind

posted Jul 3, 2009, 5:04 PM by Robert B. Alexander   [ updated Mar 10, 2012, 1:48 PM by Robert Bruce Alexander ]
Speech given at 2009 April 15 Virginia Peninsula Tax Tea Party:

 I believe that the foundation of the United States of America is the single greatest accomplishment of man kind. The principals set forth in The Constitution are the result of a culmination of the best of all philosophy in man's relation to man. By designing a government that so accurately recognized the inherent nature of man kind, our forefathers set the stage for giant leaps forward in the human condition.
What is it that makes this country so great?
We are not great because of our land, though it be a great blessing.
We are not great because we are Christian. No, if we are Christian we are so by faith not by government decree.
We are not great because of our conquests. We are great despite them.
We are not great because of our charity, or our prosperity, though these are signs.
No we are great because we are FREE
and it is government's ONLY role to protect our liberty and human rights.

Now here we all stand loosely united against taxes and against the socialist even fascist direction of our government. We'll yell and scream and then go back to our jobs, brag to our friends that we were there and we did something. Then we'll wait for the next election where we will go an pull the lever for the lesser of the two evils.
Well not me! I will never again vote for a "tax less, spend less" candidate with vague promises of smaller government.
We can not afford to just swing the pendulum back the other way. It is time we reset the clock!
We've gone too far in the wrong direction to settle for mere steps to the right!
It's time we demand that any employees we send to Washington don't just take our money and use it to ensure their next election.
It's time we take the power back.
The Fair Tax will take the power out of Washington and put it right into your wallet!
You only pay taxes when you are ready to spend.
By eliminating the IRS and all payroll taxes it will be so easy to hire Americans that even cabinet members could do it legally.
Lets take this momentum from these tea parties and keep it going.
Keep it going to primaries and house elections.
Demand that any employees you hire to go to Washington for you do so with a job description to bring back the power! Fire the IRS! Hands off of my paycheck!
And give me the FAIR TAX!

I believe we can use this momentum to make a change. The Republican party may be a key. The GOP is better than a third party as real potential within a short time. We all just need to let them know we are there for them but only if they make a serious commitment to turn things around. Something like the contract for America was good but not good enough. Look how far the pendulum has swung back to the left. The Fair Tax is the right level of commitment to correct the course of our government. I can't think of any one thing that has as much potential. If a congressmen can commit to the Fair Tax that's who we can get behind in the next election. If it can become the platform of the Republican Party, then they will see a grass roots support and turn out like they've not seen in this lifetime.
I've had enough of the pendulum swing. If it's the GOP or the Second Coming I will reserve my vote not for the lesser of evils, but for good, for right, for LIBERTY!